Hair Fall Treatment in South Delhi
Hair Fall Treatment
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Hair Fall Treatment in South Delhi

Hair fall treatment cost in South Delhi ranges from Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 25,000 per session

It’s normal for anyone to shed up to 100 hair strands every day. However, some people may daily lose more hair than usual or have a family history of hair loss or Alopecia. Consistent, extensive hair fall or excessive hair loss cases can be problematic. It can have a crippling effect on one’s mental and emotional psyche because of its significant impact on one’s appearance. It can be triggered by several factors and can lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. If you want to get your hair fall treatment in South Delhi, contact Dr. Sarita Sanke to learn details of hair fall treatments and undergo the best-suited treatments.

Are you or someone you know having facial aesthetics hampered by extensive hair fall? Get in touch with hair doctors and get your hair fall treated by cosmetic hair care services!

At DermoRita Skin Clinic Clinic, Dr. Sarita Sanke is a top-rated aesthetic dermatologist, who is a highly experienced expert in treating hair fall with a variety of affordable, result-oriented treatment options. 


Benefits of Hair Fall Treatment

  • Getting hair fall addressed as soon as possible can help prevent further extensive hair loss or balding. 
  • There are various hair fall remedies available that can help fix the root problem of hair loss and ensure healthy hair regrowth. 
  • After getting a customised hair fall treatment, men and women can achieve a head full of healthy, luscious hair and regain their confidence and esteem.

What is Hair Fall/Loss?

Hair fall is the last phase of the hair growth cycle of every hair follicle. It normally goes unnoticed when hair growth and hair shedding occurs in balance. However, it becomes an aesthetic issue when hair shedding is not followed by hair growth, it is excessive and sudden. Such worrisome issues can affect anyone at some point in their lives and may worsen in some with advancing age. It could be temporary or permanent.

If you want to undergo hair loss treatment in Greater Kailash, contact Dr. Sarita Sanke today to know and go ahead with the best method to manage baldness and stop further hair loss.

Signs and Symptoms of Hair Fall

The signs and symptoms of hair fall and hair loss vary for children, men, and women. Anyone may notice a lot of hair strands in the shower drain, on their pillow cover, or in their hairbrush after they comb their hair. These are all signs of extensive hair fall.

When men experience extensive hair fall or hair loss, they may show up with thinning hair on their scalp, a receding hairline, or baldness in a horseshoe-shaped pattern. Women may show up with diffused hair thinning or hair loss, especially at the crown of their head. Among children and young adults, the signs of hair loss include sudden falling out of a patch of hair or excessive hair shedding after drug treatments, illness, stress, rapid weight loss, or anaemia.

Causes of Hair Fall/Loss

causes of hair fall: Stress, Hormonal changes, Scalp infection or trauma, Traction alopecia, Nutritional deficiencies, Poor hair care routine and Heat hairstyling or chemical-based hair treatments

Hair fall can occur due to various reasons, including:

  • Family history- Men and women who have a family history of hair fall/loss are more likely to experience the same. Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as pattern baldness, is a hereditary condition.
  • Hormonal changes- The fluctuations in the levels of male and female sex hormones in an individual during reproductive health events like pregnancy, adolescence, or menopause can all result in hair fall. Prolonged intake of oral birth pills can also lead to hair fall because of a decline in estr-ogen and a rise in androgen hormone levels. The hormone fluctuations can also happen because of thyroid disorders, thereby affecting hair growth by the hair follicles.
  • Stress- When a person is stressed physically or emotionally, the cortisol hormone levels get elevated. Excessive cort-isol leads to sudden hair fall in patches- a condition called alopecia areata.
  • Nutritional deficiencies- Some people do not take a proper diet daily. If their diet is deficient in essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, the hair growth will not be of good quality and the existing hair strands may fall out easily.
  • Poor environmental condition- Daily exposure of hair to pollutants in the environment can lead to hair breakage and shedding.
  • Scalp infection or trauma- A head injury or a ringworm infection on the scalp can cause hair to fall out.
  • Some medical therapies- Radiation therapies or chemotherapy to treat cancer have side effects of temporary hair fall/loss.     
  • Underlying medical illness- Arthritis, autoimmune conditions, and heart issues can make hair fall more likely.
  • Medications- Some medications like mood stabilisers, antidepressants, antifungals, acne medications, beta-blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs, thyroid medications, and hormone-containing drugs can have the side effect of hair falling out in large numbers.
  • Traction alopecia- This is a type of hair fall/loss caused by tight hairstyles that pull hair and cause it to break and come loose.
  • Heat hairstyling or chemical-based hair treatments- Some people frequently use hair dryers or hair straightening tools to style their hair. Others may have chemicals applied to their hair to colour them. If they are done often or in excess, they can cause hair fall.    
  • Poor hair care routine- Many people have a poor lifestyle and are not committed to taking proper care of their hair. They may use haircare products that could weaken and damage hair follicles and lead to hair fall.

 If one is looking for the best hair loss treatment in Greater Kailash, DermoRita Skin Clinic is the best hair fall treatment clinic that offers advanced, effective and state-of-the-art treatments under expert supervision to manage hair fall or hair loss issues effectively.

Managing Hair Fall  Is Now Possible!

They can be managed with the best hair fall control treatments offered at DermoRita Skin Clinic, by the best hair loss doctor .

How can Hair Fall be Treated?

Hair Fall Treatment: a hair doctor offer P-R-P hair therapy, Mesotherapy for hair, Dermaroller, Growth factor Injection, FUE hair transplant

Hair fall can be best addressed by a dermatologist- a hair doctor who offers the following best hair fall treatments:

  • P-R-P hair therapy- P-R-P (plat-elet-rich pl-asma) is a component of the blood that is isolated from the patient’s blood after centrifugation. It contains natural growth factors and essential proteins that can purportedly help heal bodily tissues. When P-R-P solution is prepared and injected into the sites showing signs of hair fall/loss, it can allow hair follicles to grow healthy hair and even help preserve the health of existing hair. To get optimal results with this therapy, an individual would need multiple P-R-P treatment sessions in intervals of a few weeks and thereafter once a month to upkeep the new hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy for hair- This treatment targets the factors playing a role in natural hair growth. It involves injecting a mixture of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential amino acids, botanical extracts, and some hair growth stimulating medications into the mesoderm of the scalp, in site showing signs of hair fall/loss. With hair mesotherapy, it’s possible to improve blood circulation to the scalp, enhance cell metabolism, and encourage hair growth from existing hair follicles.
  • Dermaroller- There is some evidence that hair fall victims can benefit from the use of derma rollers. Dermaroller is a medical device that has multiple microneedles on its surface. It is rolled over the area of hair loss to help create multiple skin pricks at a time. It stimulates healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp.  
  • Growth factor Injection- It is a scientifically proven, more advanced treatment of hair fall, serving as the best alternative to P-R-P hair therapy. The therapy involves the administration of natural growth factors and essential proteins that stimulate healthy hair growth, directly into the hair roots. These growth factors in concentrated form are retrieved from the patient’s blood after centrifugation. 
  • FUE hair transplant- This is a surgical hair restoration method that best works for patients suffering from permanent, serious hair loss and who want a permanent solution. In the Follicular Unit Extraction method of hair transplant, a surgeon is employed to harvest individual hair follicles using a micro punch device and place them one by one in micro-slits created at the areas of hair thinning or baldness.

Ways To Prevent Hair Fall

Hair fall is preventable in some cases. A good hair care routine and the following tips can help:

  • Quit smoking
  • Be gentle when combing or brushing hair
  • Avoid combing wet hair and rubbing with a towel
  • Wash the head with appropriate shampoo after every 2-3 days. Use conditioner after shampooing or shampoo hair after oiling to avoid hair breakage and split ends. Do not wash hair with hot water as it can dry out the scalp and make hair fall more likely
  • Avoid tight hair styling, hair perming, hair colour, and chemical or heat-based hair straightening
  • Eat nutritious meals to maintain healthy hair. Take supplements, if deficient in any nutrient
  • Try out natural remedies for hair fall at home like the application of an egg mask, onion, and methi seeds on hair roots.

DermoRita Skin Clinic offers the best hair fall treatment in South Delhi.Visit the clinic to avail the treatment benefits and achieve effective outcomes.

Ways To Prevent Hair Fall

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does hair fall stop naturally?

In some cases, hair shedding is temporary and may stop by just making lifestyle changes, having a proper diet, or getting an underlying illness treated.


2. What age does hair fall out?

Average individuals may start losing their hair and experience balding by the age of late 20s or early 30s. This is the case of pattern baldness. For such people, hair loss is common as they get older. Hair shedding can even occur temporarily at a younger age due to different reasons.


3. Is hair fall serious?

Hair fall is not a serious medical condition, rather it is a cosmetic concern. But it can be a symptom of an underlying serious illness like thyroid disorder, syphilis, or lupus; an imbalance in sex hormones, or a serious nutrition deficiency. It can be a worrisome issue if it results in baldness.


4. Which deficiency causes hair fall?

Deficiency of vitamin B2, vitamin B-9, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E


5. How much does hair loss treatment cost in South Delhi?

The hair loss treatment cost in South Delhi starts from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000 per session. The price of treatment for hair loss depends on several factors and so varies among the patients. The cost-deciding factors include the type and extent of hair loss; the choice of treatment modality; the number of treatment sessions needed; the reputation and location of the chosen clinic; and the practitioner’s expertise and experience.


6. Which hair treatment is best for hair fall?

The most effective options considered the best for hair fall are min-oxidil and finest-eride; GFC hair therapy; Hair mesotherapy; Scalp microneedling; and Hair Transplant (for severe and permanent hair loss).Hair treatment that is recommended and offered by a dermatologist is the best for treating hair fall concerns.


7. Which doctor is best for hair fall treatment?

A dermatologist and hair specialist are the best for hair fall treatment and they can help prevent, diagnose, and treat hair fall issues and maintain healthy hair and scalps. So, visit DermoRita Skin Clinic with the dermatologist for hair problems.


8. How to stop hair fall?

To avoid hair from falling out one would eat healthy, maintain a good hair care routine, cope with stress, avoid tight hairstyles, do scalp massage, and avoid hair products, heat hairstyling, and chemical-based hair treatments.

Visit DermoRita Skin Clinic, and consult the expert skin doctor, Dr. Sarita Sanke to get the benefits of the best hair fall treatment in South Delhi, and get back healthy and thicker hair growth by overcoming baldness.