Laser Beard Shaping
Laser Beard Shaping
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Beard Shaping

Want to flaunt a trending beard style? Shaving or trimming beard hair every morning before going out in public, could be very time-consuming and messy many times. To get hassle-free maintenance of beard shape and style, the most suitable option is laser beard shaping. With the advent of cutting-edge technical advancements and scientific research, it is now possible to permanently remove unwanted facial hair with lasers and get a clean shave-like appearance.  

If you are considering laser beard shaping at an affordable price, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist in Delhi at DermoRita Skin Clinic. 

What is Laser Beard Shaping?

Laser beard shaping is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that restricts undesirable facial hair growth to the area treated and allows hair to grow only in the desired beard zone. During the treatment, the coarseness and thickness of the beard are minimised. It leaves the beard line easily apparent while remaining neat.

Benefits of Laser Beard Shaping 

  • No more daily shaving: Laser beard shaping removes the tedious task of shaving unwanted hair to maintain the appearance of the beard.
  • No more shaving blunders: It takes practice to edge up a beard, and nothing is worse than accidentally shaving into the beard. Laser hair removal can help reduce the risk of these mishaps.
  • No more razor burn: Using laser hair removal to get rid of undesirable facial hair can lessen the need to shave, which successfully reduces razor burn.
  • Trim out a thick beard: Laser hair removal does not have to remove all of the beard hair. Laser treatments might help reduce the thickness and coarseness of the beard’s hair if it is excessively thick and coarse.
  • Reduce ingrown hair: Ingrown hairs are common after waxing, shaving, or excessive sweating and/or chaffing. This is generally due to uneven hair tip breaking and/or skin dryness, which inhibits hair from growing properly out of the follicle. Laser hair removal weakens and eventually destroys the hair follicles, preventing treated hair from growing back.
  • Minimally invasive, safe, and quick procedure: Beard shaping using the laser hair removal procedure is a fastidious process. Among all the laser hair removal procedures, this one takes the least amount of time. The procedure is almost painless, except for a few situations when some patients may have a sensitivity or slight redness, which can be readily alleviated by applying the cooling gel after treatment. Laser beard shaping is a focused working characteristic that operates just on a particular area and subject, making it a safe and simple treatment procedure.

Why Choose Laser Beard Shaping?

Shaving daily can be time-consuming and inconvenient due to razor burns or ingrown hair. Laser beard shaping can help men get the ideal look, whether they have a simple goatee, a full beard, or a clean-shaven look. With this treatment, men can say goodbye to the beard that grows back every day and distorts the sculpted appearance. If you wish to resolve all of such concerns, simply quit the razor and opt for a laser beard shaping treatment in Delhi at DermoRita Skin Clinic!

How does Laser Beard Shaping Work?

Laser beard shaping is the practice of using light at certain wavelengths to target colour pigments (melanin) in hair follicles. It works on the concept of selective photo-thermolysis, which is an advanced method of explaining that light selectively damages cell structures of a given colour by generating heat.

In the case of laser hair removal, the targets are basal st-em cells that promote follicular hair growth. The heat generated by the laser aids in the deactivation of follicles for future growth. However, heat damage only happens on hair follicles in the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle. 

That’s why, beard shaping using lasers does not produce desirable results in a single session. To target hair follicles at various stages of growth, one must perform the procedure several times. A total of 6–8 treatments are usually sufficient to permanently inhibit hair growth. A course of treatment will be prescribed based on the thickness of the hair, the area to be treated, and the skin tone of the candidate, 

Laser Beard Shaping Procedure

Laser beard shaping in Delhi is perhaps the simplest, smoothest, and least time-consuming procedure. The procedure begins by outlining the face and neck to create a treatment zone. This marking is initially discussed with the patient, and his desired beard style and shape are taken into account. Following that, the unwanted hair in the area to be treated is removed with a razor. Gentle hair removal activity with a razor clears the area for the laser to work and deliver satisfactory results. In addition, a sonographic gel is put all over the designated site to cool the surface and prepare the skin for the procedure.

This cooling gel not only prepares the skin for the procedure but also helps to maintain the temperature of the area sufficiently cool for treatment. In the end, novel laser equipment is used, which targets the hair follicles and prevents unwanted hair from regrowing. Multiple shots of laser light are released into the target area resulting in the desired conclusion.

Laser Beard Shaping Procedure

Laser Beard Shaping Aftercare

The skin on the face is a delicate area of the body that requires special care every day. Therefore, once the laser session is completed, try to avoid direct sunlight for a few days. Exposure of the skin to heat, a strict fitness regimen, or swimming for a certain amount of time must also be avoided. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the ideal candidate for laser beard shaping?

This procedure is ideal for Permanent Beard Shaping Treatment in Delhi for those who want to grow their beard but don't want to spend hours maintaining it every week.


2. Is the procedure painful?

No, the procedure is not painful. You can expect a mild warm pinprick sensation. 


3. How many sessions are required to shape a beard with a laser?

The answer is not straightforward because the number of sessions required to remove a beard varies depending on several factors, such as the colour, length, and thickness of the hair. More sessions men would need to get rid of their thicker, longer, and darker beards. Also based on the number of sessions the Laser Beard Shaping Cost in Delhi is determined. To get more details contact DermoRita Skin Clinic doctor for more details.


4. How much hair is removed during laser beard shaping?

The amount of hair removed by laser treatment of the beard varies from person to person but can vary between 50 and 60% of the total follicles on the face.

For more details on Laser Hair Removal and Beard Shaping for Men in Delhi, consult Dr. Sarita Sanke at DermaRita Skin Clinic. She has performed many laser treatments for beard shaping and facial hair removal. She can help you achieve the desired outcomes with her advanced technologies. Visit her to learn more.